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Manufacturer of the Finest Titanium Leaders in the World!

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You can trust this leader and a install $20.00 lure...and go after...Big Game Fish!

Titanium Fishing Leaders Facts:
Titanium is manufactured with Hi-memory- Resists Kinking

Titanium when manufactured is slippery and difficult to sleeve.

Finn-Tastic Canada has solved the problem of putting our Super Bond  on this slippery wire so that it does not come apart. We have obtained 100% Customer Satisfaction.  Where other manufactures put double sleeves on and use hydraulic press to keep the leader from coming apart, Without the bond the leader will come apart

Finn-Tastic Canada have been making these Super Bonded Leader for  14 years and are sold  World Wide, We have the only leader that will not come apart when your trophy fish in on the Line.

All of Finn-Tastic Canada Leaders are…. SUPER BONDED   on the wire first, and we crimp the sleeve on the bond not the wire, then we bond over the sleeve to give it a nice strong, streamline finish.  No plastic covers needed on the wire ends or the snap or swivel.

  • We use High Grade Titanium wire –SUPER WIRE- No Kink
  • We use the Best Ball Bearing Swivels with 2 welded rings.
  • We use the Best All Stainless Steel Rolling Swivels
  • We use the Best Snaps - CROSS LOK SNAPS - Super Strong.

All put together to create a  quality Leader that you can trust to catch more than 100 trophy fish on one leader without losing one.  Lodges in Northern Canada use our Leaders because their guests from around the world do not want to lose that trophy Fish, and we are up to it.



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